Decontamination and Fogging

We deliver bespoke cleaning solutions to a significant number of clients in various sectors throughout the UK.


No surface left untouched.

As a team of deep cleaners with the equipment necessary to conduct specialist cleaning services to a standard that is hygienic and safe for either a return to work or for workplaces already back to work, we’ve got the processes down to ensure that no corner or surface is left untouched as part of our fogging and wider deep-cleaning / decontamination cleaning services.

Commonly, our fogging services are carried out in the following types of business premises:

  • Commercial Offices
  • Schools
  • Industrial Workplaces e.g. Warehouses
  • Medical Environments

Area of Specialism.

Fogging is an important part of any deep-cleaning procedure, and has become a particularly important aspect of our disinfection cleaning services carried out by our specialist team.

With the occurrence of Coronavirus and a wider understanding of the importance of hygiene in the workplace, many business owners are turning to our team to put together bespoke cleaning contracts to combat the spread of viruses and germs in the workplace.

What Is Fogging?

Fogging is the term given to the process that follows an immediate deep clean.

A deep clean must done prior to fogging to ensure that high touch point are sanitised and thoroughly given attention by our team – it is the fogging process which then forms a residual barrier.

The ‘Fogger’ is a machine filled with a virudical, powerful anti bacterial disinfectant spray which is specifically designed to attack the spread of viruses.

The spray from the fogger machine is very fine, and is sprayed all around the office location which adds a final barrier to the initial deep cleaning service.

What does the Fogging Cleaning Service involve?

This service is one step in our approach to deep cleaning in both commercial and private environments. With a large team, we’re also able to perform last-minute deep cleans or disinfecting services for businesses who have been given the go-ahead to return to work, and require the workplace to be thoroughly cleansed prior to the return of staff.

With a specific emphasis on the eradication of viruses and germs, our approach to deep-cleaning (including fogging) is broken down into three mains steps:

  • Sanitisation of high touch point areas
  • Enhanced Sanitisation
  • Anti-Microbial Clean (otherwise known as ‘Fogging’)

Areas of operation

We provide fully national coverage throughout all the UK. We have regional offices in Stafford with our head office based in Perth Scotland.

Our regional structure enables us to take a local approach to national contracts. From individual sites to national portfolios, we have the infrastructure and know-how to deliver an outstanding service to commercial, retail and public sector clients throughout the UK.

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