TR19 Extraction and Duct Work Cleaning.

Smith Services provides complete duct cleaning services throughout the UK, in accordance with the requirements of TR/19, the leading guidance document issued by BESA; British Standard and European Norm BSEN:15780; and BG49/2013, BSRIA’s guide on Commissioning Air Systems.


Contamination Specialists.

With the use of a variety of extraction devices along with specialised mechanical brushes, air jets and manual methods, Smith Services can remove all types of contamination.

Where microbiological contamination is an identified issue we will disinfect where necessary. Many existing duct systems have insufficient access points to enable cleaning; Smith Services will install access doors at strategic points throughout the system to enable regular inspection, cleaning and if necessary, disinfection to be easily & safely undertaken.

Benefits and your obligations

• Extends the life of assets

• Saves power, cleaner equipment operates more effectively.

• Provides a safer environment for kitchen staff.

• TR19 also helps building owners satisfy their obligations under the regulatory reform (fire safety)order 2005 and stay on the right side of fire officers who have the power to close your building and impose fines of up to £10,000 and/or a two-year prison sentence for the designated responsible person.

• Many insurance companies now make it a condition of cover that building managers have a planned maintenance strategy in place and, before paying out following a fire, they will insist on seeing evidence that ductwork cleaning had been carried out.

Areas of operation

We provide fully national coverage throughout all the UK. We have regional offices in Stafford with our head office based in Perth Scotland.

Our regional structure enables us to take a local approach to national contracts. From individual sites to national portfolios, we have the infrastructure and know-how to deliver an outstanding service to commercial, retail and public sector clients throughout the UK.

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